Pungu Zonal Council

Hon. .............

Chairman, Pungu Zonal Council

Mad. Seidu Fatimata

Secretary, Pungu Zonal Council

Pungu Zonal Council Contact Details

Digital Address: UK-0003-1159

+233 (0) 382 122 366/ 122 644


Pungu Zonal Council

The Pungu Zonal Council is one of the Six (6) Zonal Councils of Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly (KNMA). The Zonal Council is bounded by Doba Zonal Council to the West, Manyoro Zonal Council to the North and Navrongo Zonal Council to the South and East.

The 2010 Population and Housing Census estimated the population of the Zonal Council as 7,836 with 1,410 households. Using the Kassena Nankana Municipal growth rate of 1.8%, it is estimated that the 2020 population of the area stands at 9,366.

It has five (5) Electoral areas as follows;

  • Nyangua Electoral Area
  • Pungu Central Electoral Area
  • Pungu South Electoral Area
  • Pungu East Electoral Area
  • Pungu North Electoral Area  

Some Communities within the area include; Pungu Central, Telania, Nimbasinia, Punyoro, Bawiu, Wusungu, Nyangua, Tekuru, Yitonia etc. The Zonal Council houses some commercial activities such as educational and health services.