Navrongo Zonal Council

Hon. .............

Chairman, Navrongo Zonal Council

Mad. Agosi Irene

Secretary, Navrongo Zonal Council

Navrongo Zonal Council Contact Details

Digital Address: UK-0003-1159

+233 (0) 382 122 366/ 122 644

Navrongo Zonal Council

Navrongo Zonal Council is one of the Six (6) Zonal Councils of the Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly (K. N.M.A.). It shares boundaries with Kassena Nankana West District to the North, Kologo Zonal Council to the South, Builsa North District to the West and Doba Zonal Council to the East.

The 2010 Population and Housing Census estimated the population of the Zonal Council as 52,997 with 9,535 households. Using the Kassena Nankana Municipal growth rate of 1.8%, it is estimated that the 2021 population of the area stands at 64,876.

The Zonal Council has thirteen (13) Electoral Areas namely:

  • Gia Electoral Area,
  • Nogsenia Electoral Area,
  • Balobia Electoral Area,
  • Korania/Bonia Electoral Area,
  • Saboro Electoral Area,
  • Pinda Electoral Area,
  • Kongwania Electoral Area,
  • Namolo Electoral Area,
  • Wuru/Nangalikinia Electoral Area,
  • Gongnia Electoral Area,
  • Vunania Electoral Area,
  • Nayagnia Electoral Area,
  • Tampola Electoral Area.

Some Communities within the area include: Namolo, Saboro, Nawognia, Pinda, Bonia, Tampola Gia etc. The Zonal Council has contributed immensely to the economic development of the Kassena Nankana Municipality.

The Zonal Council houses the Central Business District (CBD) and as such the hub of major commercial activities within the Municipality. As the center of commerce, it host two major markets within the Municipality such as the New Market and Old Market. It also hosts some business entities like supermarkets, banks, fuel stations, educational institutions and hotels.

This situation does not only boost economic activities within the Metropolis but also put a lot of pressure on already heavily burdened infrastructure facilities, coupled with sanitation challenges.

One major ceremonial and major road running the Zonal Council is the Navrongo -Bolgatanga Highway which serves as a major connector as well as a nodal community for adjoining areas/Zonal Councils and the region at large.