Welcome to Kassena Nankana Municipal

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Municipal Chief Executive of Kassena Nankana Municipal

Hon. Joseph Adongo

Municipal Chief Executive;
Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly

Welcome Message


Welcome to the official website for the Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly

As my call to serve and lead the people of the Kassena Nankana Municipality, it is a challenge for me to make the Municipality more progressive. First and foremost, to be able to attain it, I ensure that the employees of the Assembly serve the people in excellence as true public servants.

Among the many steps I took during my administration, I am encouraged to create a functional website to foster transparency. It is a tool to provide better services to all sectors in the community and it will also encourage public participation. The ultimate aim of this website is that eventually it will become a channel to facilitate business transactions efficiently using secured electronic payment systems.

With a sense of purpose, striving for progress and community pride, I welcome you to the Kassena Nankana Municipality. I am sure you will find it to be as exciting and unique as our many residents, visitors, and business owners do.